Wye Valley Farm

Located in the stunning Wye Valley of Herefordshire, the Chinn family are fourth-generation farmers intent on producing top-quality fruits and vegetables. Wye Valley Farm planted their first asparagus crop back in 2003, and have since expanded to produce also rhubarb, blueberries, fine beans and peas. The farm's unique soil consistency, which is light and sandy, and the valley's rolling south-facing slopes - which catch the first sunlight of spingtime - mean that Wye Valley Farm's produce is some of the highest-quality in the UK.

The team at Wye Valley Farm concern themselves particularly with the freshness and quality of their products. The valley's unique microclimate gives this farm a great advantage, allowing their produce to stand out from the rest. Their crops develops slowly, which creates a full, sweet flavour and unbeatable texture.