We Package Responsibly, Use Environmentally Cool Packaging

We take packaging very seriously, from an environmental standpoint, from a safe delivery standpoint and to ensure your fresh food arrives at the correct temperature.

Whilst there are a couple of other products on the market ticking a few of the same Eco-friendly boxes, our system that ticks combines an environmental product with immense structural strength.

Most systems rely heavily on a thick outer wall box for the structural strength, but our box holds it’s strength in its hexagonal core. This means it can easily be used with a cheaper, thinner outer box if required.

There is no plastic used, man-made fibres, animal products, polystyrene or any other product David Attenborough would be ashamed of……this is really a temperature controlled, environmentally friendly box for your food.

Is our packaging Organic?
Yes it is

It’s produced using all-natural plant based FSC paper.

Is it Bio Degradable & Compostable?
Yes it is

It’s just natural paper which is natural plant-based product and can be put into your compost bin.

Is it recyclable & recycled?
Yes it is

It contains up to 30% recycled material and there is no ambiguity; 100% recyclable by all local council collections.

Is it moisture Resistant?
Yes it is

The box is lined with a special material insulates the box and absorbs any moisture

Is it courier safe?
Yes it is

This virtually indestructible product will be safe from careless couriers.

Does it work?
Yes it does

Tested to a constant cold temperature or semi frozen state for a  minimum of 24hrs.