Your Ultimate At-Home Nacho Kit: 6 Delicious Ingredients

Create the ultimate movie night snack with our 6 top ingredients to add to your at-home nacho kit. Read on for more!

Originating in the 1940s from northern Mexico, nachos have fast become one of the world’s favourite hearty, comfort-food snacks. Perfect for movie-watching and party-throwing, or even for a quick midweek meal, nachos can be however and whatever you want them to be. Whether you’re a fan of traditional, light nachos, with just a drizzle of cheese and salsa, or you prefer your nachos loaded with sauces and chilli, they are easy to create and guaranteed to please even the pickiest of guests. But how do you make your own at-home nacho kit?


Although originally enjoyed as a snack or appetizer, nachos have morphed into more elaborate versions of themselves, turning this light bite into a homely main dish. A traditional nacho kit consisted initially of just grated Colby cheese melted over fried tortilla triangles, and sprinkled with a generous handful of sliced jalapeños. Now, anything and everything can be found loaded onto a teetering plate of nachos. With common toppings such as pinto beans, chili con carne, and sour cream, you can often find this Mexican delicacy displayed proudly on restaurant menus.


Alongside, of course, the fried tortilla triangles – known today simply as ‘tortilla chips’ – there are a number of fresh ingredients that can add a delicious crunch and crispness to your nacho kit. Read on for our 6 favourite products, and create your own nachos from scratch!



1. Lime


A fruit praised for its tangy flavour, lime is used across a range of cuisines to add a zesty punch to any dish, brightening your palette. Once you’ve finished plating up your nachos, add a squeeze of fresh lime, decorating the dish with wedges for people to add their lime to taste.



2. Jalapeño Peppers


No Mexican dish – and no nacho kit – is complete without a handful of freshly-chopped jalapeno peppers. Although not the spiciest chilli pepper around, jalapenos offer a distinct flavour reminiscent of Mexican cooking, and can be eaten green, red, orange, or yellow. Finely chop your jalapenos and sprinkle them onto your nachos before serving!



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3. Spanish Pitted Cuquillo Olives


A staple in many Mediterranean dishes, olives have slowly made their way also over to South and Central America, and can now be found within a lot of Mexican cooking. The best olives to include in your nacho kit are these black, pitted Cuquillo olives hailing from southern Spain, which taste delicious either cooked or raw.



4. Datterino Baby Plum Tomatoes


With their sweet, juicy flavour and vibrant colouring, these Italian datterino tomatoes make the perfect addition to your nacho kit. Why not try chopping finely and mixing with coriander, salt, pepper, diced red onion, and a squeeze of lime juice to create your own fresh, raw salsa?



5. Fresh Coriander


The Marmite of the herb world, coriander is either deeply loved or almost-violently hated. If you’re a coriander lover, try chopping some fresh coriander and sprinkling over your nachos before serving? You could also use fresh coriander with avocado and lime to create an unbeatable, authentic Mexican guacamole.



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6. Grass-Fed Minced Beef


To make the perfect chili con carne, you need the perfect minced beef: that’s where Stokes Marsh Farm come in. Create a delicious, flavourful chili con carne to serve with your loaded nachos, complete with fresh tomatoes, chillis, kidney beans, and more. For vegetarian guests, try this veggie chilli recipe, made using sweet potato and various beans.