4 Great Ways to Use Fresh Coriander

Whether you love or hate the iconic taste of fresh coriander, its unique flavour can add a tangy twist to any dish. Here are 4 of our favourite ways to use it!

The Marmite of the herb world, coriander is known as much for its fresh, unique taste as for dividing the opinions of foodies everywhere. Widely used in the cuisines of South-East Asia, fresh coriander is actually also known as ‘Chinese parsley’ or ‘cilantro’, and depending on your taste buds, can taste either citrusy and lightly tangy, or rather like washing-up liquid.


If you fall into the category of those who love coriander, then you’re certainly not alone. Other than fresh coriander’s iconic flavour, it’s also been proven to carry a number of health benefits, including boosting antioxidants, lowering blood sugar, and improved gut health and digestion.


Although used primarily in Asian and Indian dishes – most notably, in Thai and Vietnamese cuisine – fresh coriander can also be used in European cooking, adding a fusion-inspired twist to classic family favourites. From crisp soups and stews to hearty curries, here are our suggestions for four great ways to use fresh coriander in your home cooking.



Carrot and Coriander Soup


A well-loved British staple, carrot and fresh coriander soup makes the perfect meal for a light lunch, or an ideal starter for a multi-course dinner. With its blend of vegetables, and fresh herbs and flavours, it’s a healthy dinner option, too! Simply finely chop and fry your ingredients in a saucepan and bring to the boil with vegetarian stock, before blending in a food processor to create the perfect creamy soup.



Vietnamese ‘Pho’


Known more commonly to the Western world as chicken noodle soup, traditional ‘pho’ is probably the most widely-popular Vietnamese dish, consisting of (unsurprisingly) chicken, noodles, and a range of fresh vegetables and spices in an authentic Asian broth. Fry the chopped vegetables in a saucepan and add the chicken pieces and spices, before bringing to the boil in a broth. Add the cooked noodles and serve in a bowl, sprinkling with chopped spring onion and a handful of fresh coriander to garnish.

Thai Green Curry


With its mild spices and sweet, creamy taste, Thai green curry is fast becoming a global favourite when it comes to Asian cuisine. Adding fresh coriander to this dish can give it the tangy kick it’s missing! To create this dish, heat some Thai green curry paste in a pan with chopped lemongrass before adding the chicken, then bringing to a simmer with coconut milk and a splash of soy sauce. Serve with fluffy white rice and a sprinkling of fresh coriander.



Fresh Summer Salad


When the weather is warm, standing over a hob can seem a real chore; that’s why so many people, during the summer months, rely on a fresh summer salad! Whether you’re preparing a midweek dinner with your family, or hosting a weekend garden party, salads are always a crowd-pleaser, and don’t have to be boring. Customise your summer salad to suit your tastes (or those of your guests) and garnish with a generous helping of fresh coriander to add some zest.