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Gourmet Portuguese Artisan Food Hamper

Stylish Packaging Your products are packaged in traditional large handmade wicker basket and the products are nestled in a bed of shredded coloured, recycled paper.
The Gourmet Portuguese Artisan Food Hamper Includes:
  • 1 Bottle Wine Red Monte Cascas Biologico/Organic Red Wine From Portugal
  • 1 Bottle Wine White Monte Cascas Biologico/Organic White Wine From Portugal
  • 1 Bottle Wine Sparkling Sao Domingos Extra Reserva Brut Sparkling Wine From Portugal
  • 1 Bottle Quinta de Santa Eufemia Ruby Port
  • 1 Portuguese Olive Oil, Gallo Reserva, 500ml
  • 1 Balsamic Vinegar (Vinagre balsamico para galheteiro) Gallo
  • 1 Olives green large in jar (Azeitonas verdes em frasco) Macarico
  • 1 Lupin beans in Jar (Tremocos em frasco) Macarico
  • 1 QJ. Curado Cabra Martins & Rebello
  • 1 Serrano Ham, Real Sabor, 200g
  • 1 Portuguese Chorizo, Alentejano, 200g
  • 1 Bolos De Canela, Cinamon Biscuits, 300g
  • 1 Pasteis De Feijao, Mini Biscuits, 270g
  • 1 Qta Jugais Pumpkin Jam w.walnut/Doce Abobora c. Nozes
  • 1 Pear in red port wine (Pera Bebada em vinho do Porto) Quinta de Jugais
  • 1 Portuguese Crisps, Snacks Crisp Slices, 100g
  • 1 Cigala Carolina Rice, 1kg
  • 1 Quinta de Jugais Orange Blossom Honey (Mel de laranjeira)
  • 1 Qta Jugais Apple Jam/Doce Maca
  • 1 Tuna in olive oil (Atum em azeite) “Bom Petisco”
  • 1 Portuguese Cod, Garlic & Olive Oil, 120g

Immerse your palette with this delectable Gourmet Portuguese Hamper. Enjoy bottles of red and white organic wines from Monte Cascas, Sap Domingos Sparkling Rose Wine, Quinta De Santa Eufemia Port Wine. Along with that are rich Portuguese Olive Oil, Green Olives, and a jar of Lupin beans that pairs perfectly with Cured Goat Cheese, Pork Loin, Chorizo, delightful Cinnamon and Pasteis de Feijao, a jar of Pumpkin Jam with Walnuts, Portuguese Crisps, Wild Rice, Apple Jam, Tuna in Olive Oil, and Portuguese Cod in Garlic and Olive Oil. A perfect gift for a lover of Portuguese food.


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