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European Food And Wine Hamper

Stylish Packaging Your products are packaged in traditional large handmade wicker basket and the products are nestled in a bed of shredded coloured, recycled paper.
European Food And Wine Hamper Includes :
  • 1 Jar Duck pâté France
  • 1 Jar Courgette Terrine With Fresh Herbs France
  • 1 Jar Aubergine terrine with tomato confit France
  • 1 Red and Green Sweet Pepper Terrine France
  • 1 Jar Andalusian Cortijo Olives, Tin 345g
  • 1 Jar Onion Confit With Grapes France
  • 1 Piece Manchego Cheese, Aged
  • 1 Piece Black Garlic Zamorano, 250g
  • 1 100% Iberico Bellota Salchichon, 80g
  • 1 100% Iberico Bellota Lomo Sliced, 80g
  • 1 100% Iberico Bellota Ham 80g
  • 1 Whole Chorizo spread Sobrasada Spain
  • 1 Whole Saucisson, Beaufort French 200g
  • 1 Box Bolos De Canela, Cinamon Biscuits, 300g Portugal
  • Pasteis De Feijao, Mini Biscuits, 270g Portugal
  • Quinta de Jugais Orange Blossom Honey (Mel de laranjeira) Portugal
  • 1 Jar Quinta Jugais Pear With Port Wine/Doce Pera com vinho Porto Portugal
  • 1 Bar Valrhona Andoa Chocolate, 70g France
  • 1 Bar Valrhona Jivara Chocolate, 70g France
  • 1 Bar Valrhona Bahibe Chocolate, 70g France
  • 1 Bar Valrhona Manjari Chocolate, 70g France
  • 1 Bar Torrone, Pistachios, 130g Italy
  • 1 Bottle RAR Priorat Red Wine Spain

Go all out in making someone feel appreciated by sending this generous gift. This hamper has Duck Pate, a selection of terrines–Courgette with Fresh Herbs, Aubergine with Tomato Confit, and Red and Green Sweet Pepper, Onion Confit with Grapes, Chorizo Spread, Gourmet Almond Stuffed Olives, Zamorano Black Garlic and Manchego cheeses, savoury Bellota Salchichon, Bellota Lomo, Beaufort Saucisson, and Sliced Iberico Ham. Sweets items such as Pear Jam with Port Wine, Orange Blossom Honey, Bolos De Canella, Pasteis De Feijao, Italian Pistachio Torrone, and bars of single origin organic Valrhona Chocolate Bars are also included. An exquisite bottle of RAR Priorat rounds up this gift.


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