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Chardonnay Mixed Wine 12 Bottle Case

Teri Wheeler Wine Expert & Critic Indulge in a delightful medley of flavors and sophisticated craftsmanship with our exquisite 12-pack of mixed Chardonnay wines, perfect for enhancing any occasion.

Tasting Notes Below
The Chardonnay Wine 12 Case Includes :
  • 2 Bottles Salt and Stone Central Coast Chardonnay
  • 2 Bottles Deakin Estate Chardonnay
  • 2 Bottles Domaine Hamelin Petit Chablis
  • 2 Bottles Pulenta Estate VIII Chardonnay
  • 2 Bottles Morande Chardonnay Gran Reserva
  • 2 Bottles Mezzacorona Terre del Noce Chardonnay delle Dolomiti

Salt and Stone Central Coast Chardonnay

The Salt and Stone Central Coast Chardonnay is a meticulously crafted wine that epitomizes the essence of the Central Coast region. This Chardonnay exhibits a vibrant golden hue and opens with enticing aromas of ripe tropical fruits, such as pineapple and mango, beautifully complemented by delicate hints of vanilla and toasted oak. On the palate, it reveals a rich and creamy texture, balanced by a refreshing acidity that gives way to flavors of crisp green apple and citrus zest. With its well-integrated oak influence and a lingering, smooth finish, this wine showcases the winemaker’s expertise in capturing the unique characteristics of the Central Coast terroir.


Deakin Estate Chardonnay

Deakin Estate Chardonnay is a distinguished wine that hails from the prestigious Deakin Estate in Australia. This Chardonnay displays a pale straw color with subtle green reflections, offering an immediate visual appeal. The nose unfolds an inviting bouquet of fresh stone fruits, such as peach and apricot, intertwined with delicate floral notes. On the palate, it showcases a harmonious balance between fruit-driven flavors and well-integrated oak nuances, presenting a delightful combination of ripe pineapple, lemon curd, and a touch of toasted almond. The wine’s medium body and crisp acidity lead to a clean, satisfying finish, making it an excellent representation of Deakin Estate’s commitment to producing exceptional cool-climate Chardonnay.


Domaine Hamelin Petit Chablis

Domaine Hamelin Petit Chablis is a remarkable expression of the esteemed Chablis region in France. This wine exudes a pale golden color with glimmers of green, reflecting its youthful character. It entices the senses with an aromatic bouquet, revealing delicate notes of white flowers, green apple, and a subtle mineral undertone. On the palate, it offers a refreshing acidity and a precise balance between crisp citrus flavors, flinty minerality, and a hint of tangy lemon zest. The wine’s elegant structure, combined with a lingering finish, underscores its authenticity and exemplifies the meticulous winemaking practices of Domaine Hamelin.


Pulenta Estate VIII Chardonnay

Pulenta Estate VIII Chardonnay is an exceptional wine that originates from the prestigious Pulenta Estate in Argentina. Exhibiting a bright, straw-yellow color, this Chardonnay captivates with its intense aromas of ripe tropical fruits, including pineapple, guava, and passion fruit, intertwined with delicate floral hints. The palate is treated to a full-bodied experience, where the fruit flavors seamlessly blend with subtle oak notes, offering a complex yet well-balanced profile. With its rich texture, vibrant acidity, and a lingering finish, Pulenta Estate VIII Chardonnay showcases the winery’s commitment to producing wines of exceptional quality and character.


Morande Chardonnay Gran Reserva

Morande Chardonnay Gran Reserva represents the pinnacle of Chilean winemaking, reflecting the mastery and dedication of the winemakers at Morande. This Gran Reserva Chardonnay displays a radiant golden color that alludes to its richness and complexity. The nose is greeted with enticing aromas of ripe tropical fruits, such as mango and papaya, layered with hints of vanilla and toasted oak. On the palate, it unveils a velvety texture and a perfect balance between opulent fruit flavors, elegant minerality, and a subtle touch of creamy butter. The wine’s long, satisfying finish leaves a lasting impression, making it a true testament to Morande’s commitment to producing outstanding Chardonnay wines.


The Mezzacorona Terre del Noce Chardonnay delle Dolomiti

It is an exquisite wine that showcases the remarkable craftsmanship of the renowned Italian winery, Mezzacorona. Situated amidst the breathtaking Dolomite Mountains, this particular Chardonnay variety captures the essence of the pristine terroir, resulting in a wine of exceptional quality.

With a pale straw-yellow hue that glimmers in the glass, this Chardonnay immediately entices the senses. The bouquet is a harmonious interplay of delicate floral notes, such as white blossoms and honeysuckle, alongside vibrant citrus aromas of lemon and grapefruit. Subtle hints of tropical fruits, like pineapple and mango, further enhance the aromatic profile, adding depth and complexity.

On the palate, the Mezzacorona Terre del Noce Chardonnay reveals a remarkable balance between richness and freshness. The wine showcases a luscious body, characterized by flavors of ripe pear and golden apple, which are beautifully complemented by a refreshing acidity. This interplay creates a tantalizing sensation, offering a truly pleasurable and elegant tasting experience.

The careful vinification process employed by Mezzacorona ensures that this Chardonnay retains its authentic character while showcasing the unique qualities of the Dolomite terroir. The grapes are harvested at optimal ripeness, allowing the wine to express the full spectrum of its flavors and aromas. Meticulous attention to detail during fermentation and aging further refines the wine, resulting in a well-structured and sophisticated final product.


Versatile and food-friendly, the Mezzacorona Terre del Noce Chardonnay pairs wonderfully with a range of culinary delights. It is an ideal companion to seafood dishes, such as grilled shrimp or lemon-infused salmon, as well as creamy pasta dishes and poultry-based recipes. Alternatively, it can be savored on its own, offering a delightful moment of relaxation and contemplation.

Overall, the Mezzacorona Terre del Noce Chardonnay delle Dolomiti exemplifies the winery’s commitment to producing exceptional wines that reflect the unique characteristics of their terroir. With its captivating aromas, balanced flavors, and refined craftsmanship, this Chardonnay is sure to leave a lasting impression on discerning wine enthusiasts and elevate any dining experience.


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