How to Make a Boozy Brunch at Home

Our definitive guide to hosting your own boozy brunch at home. Read on to find out how!

With lockdown lifting, it appears the masses have flocked to every alfresco dining spot open for business. Finding availability for a weekend brunch seems close to impossible unless booked months in advance, and with the UK weather struggling to stay warm, the thought of eating your avocado toast in a chilly open space isn’t a fine one.

If you’re finding yourself in this predicament, worry not: we’re here to show you how to get creative and make a boozy brunch at home!


Boozy brunches these days seem to go beyond the classic Eggs Benedict, with the likes of Mexican street food, all-you-can-eat sushi and endless glasses of prosecco on offer to brunch fiends. So where do you really start? As self-declared brunch connoisseurs, we’re here to show you how to leave the tiny, over-priced plates behind and create your very own boozy brunch to rival any overly-hyped Instagram number.

The Menu


Get yourself well-organized and decide on your menu ahead of time. Stick to a couple of dishes (1-2 savoury and 1 sweet) that won’t require you to stand in the kitchen cooking for too long whilst your guests are sipping away on bubbly.

Breakfast naan breads are a speedy but delicious option. Top some pre-made naan breads with cream cheese, chutneys, green chilli, coriander, smokey bacon, pork sausages, runny eggs and whatever else takes your fancy!

For a vegetarian option, try a quick Shakshuka. Originating in the Middle East, this wholesome dish consists of rich tomatoes, onion, lots of fragrant spices, herbs, feta cheese and poached eggs. Chorizo also works well here for an additional meaty flavour. This dish is hearty, nourishing and guaranteed to be a winner amongst your guests.


Now for the sweet. Stacks of pancakes and French toast are a boozy brunch classic and a guaranteed hit. Create an assembly station with a variety of toppings and allow your guests to build their own. Some of our favourites include banana & salted caramel or dark chocolate, strawberry & ricotta and caramelized peach French toast with Chantilly cream.



Time for Drinks


A bottomless brunch isn’t complete with a drinks range just as impressive as the main course. Whilst champagne and prosecco are timeless options, why not try some of our luxury sparkling wine! Alternatively, get your guests involved in the drinks creation and host a cocktail making activity.

Invest in a cocktail shaker and whip up your own Porn star Martinis with fresh passion fruit, Zesty lime Mojitos, Aperol Spritz and whatever other creative concoctions come to mind. Simply omit the alcohol for any non- drinkers or buy some freshly squeezed juice for a refreshing thirst quencher. For eye catching glass garnishes, try some sliced blood oranges!