Creedy Carver Farm

Specialising particularly in poultry farming, Creedy Carver has produced some of the UK's best chicken and duck for over 30 years, since their establishment in 1985. Run by husband and wife team Peter and Sue Coleman, and later joined by their son James, Creedy Carver prides themselves on sustainable farming and animal welfare.

Creedy Carver fully believes that the future of farming lies in the correct treatment and rearing of animals - this is the secret to their juicy, flavourful products with a high meat yield. Each of the birds on their farm are free range, with a space of around 4 metres per bird. Further along in the process, they are dry plucked and hand-finished. The farm has won a number of prestigious awards over the years, including 10 Downing Street's Best of British award. Creedy Carver also works with local charities to offer accommodation and work to the homeless.