West End Farm

In recent years, consumers and producers alike have grown more concerned and conscious of the provenance of their food, placing great importance upon the sustainability and traceability of the things they eat. But Wiltshire-based farmer Cameron Naughton was always ahead of the trend; from the outset, he vowed to rear his pigs as consciously as possible. West End Farm was one of the first farms in the UK to sign up to RSPCA Assured, which is the association's welfare farm assurance and food labelling scheme.

Cameron took over the family business in 2002, and began to search for customers who would understand the importance of looking after the pigs' welfare - customers who would be prepared to pay more for a higher-quality product. West End Farm wholeheartedly believes in the necessity for sustainable and conscious production in farming, and believes that this attention to the welfare and happiness of their pigs produces a better-quality meat. West End Farm exclusively rears Hampshire pigs, for their optimal fat marbling. This then melts during the cooking process, which keeps the pork moist and adds flavour.