Stokes Marsh Farm

Founded all the way back in 1847, family-run Stokes Marsh Farm has since gone from strength to strength, having won a number of awards over the years - one of which proclaiming their sirloin steak among the best in the country. Needless to say, this farm really knows its stuff. Run by farmer Tim Johnson, Stokes Marsh Farm is located in Coulston, and is particuarly known for its outstanding Aberdeen Angus and Hereford cows. To Tim, the most important aspect of his farm is the welfare of his livestock, believing that, in order to produce top-quality meat, the animals must live a happy life. At Stokes Marsh Farm, diet, environment, and animal husbandry are all crucial to producing excellent beef.

The team at Stokes Marsh Farm are working towards a greener, more sustainable means of production, hoping to make their farm totally self-sufficient and to utilise all waste products.