Brixham Fish Market

Dating all the way back to the 14th Century, Devon-based Brixham Fish Market is known as being one of the birthplaces of the 'trawling' technique. During the 19th Century, Brixham was said to be the largest fishery in England - and, even today, it remains a benchmark of the fishing industry.

Brixham Fish Market produces over 40 different species of fish and seafood, with their main catches consisting primarily of cuttlefish, lemon sole, dover sole, squid, monkfish, and turbot. These are caught fresh each day by a mixture of local day boats and larger beam trawlers, with a number of scallop boats also working year-round. The issues of responsible sourcing and sustainability are particularly important within the fishing industry, with each fishmonger responsible for the conservation and protection of many species. Brixham is proud of its strong fishing heritage, working with local fishermen to leave behind a legacy for the generations to come. The company collaborates with scientists and leading fishermen to ensure the sustainable sourcing of all their fish and seafood products.