T-bone Steaks 12oz/342g – 35 Day Dry Aged Beef Grass Fed



Description: Prepared from the 4-vertebrae section counting from the rump. 25 mm tail and fat thickness 10 mm maximum. All beef carry’s the prestigious “Quality Standard Beef English” mark.

Accustomed to supplying the highest quality meat & poultry to the best Michelin Star restaurants, hotels, and gastro-pubs in the United Kingdom, our traditional butchers have partnered with the Artisan Food Company to distribute exquisite meat & poultry straight to the consumer.


1 Person
Hereford, Lincolnshire Reds & Angus
35 Day Dry Aged Using Himalayan Salt Blocks
Handcrafted Traditional Butchery Methods
Quality Standard English Beef Mark
B6, B12, Zinc, Selenium, Iron, Niacin
The Artisan Butcher
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The Artisan Butcher

The Artisan Butcher sources excellent-quality meat, with a particular focus upon sustainability. We are based in the Fruit Market at New Covent Garden, and work exclusively with the suppliers to some of the UK’s most famous gourmet locations.

The quality of the meat itself stems both from the farming process and the butchers, with animal welfare a key focus. All meat is sustainably-raised, with the many aspects of the butchery taken care of by a team of skilled professionals, whose tasks range from hanging and storing the meat to putting the finishing touches to each cut. By ensuring the animals a good quality of life, the meat produced is succulent, full of flavour, and favoured by many of the country’s top chefs. By marrying traditional butchery methods and state-of-the-art equipment, we ensure our customers the finest quality and cuts of meat, making flavour a top priority.

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The Artisan Butcher
The Artisan Butcher
The Artisan Butcher
The Artisan Butcher


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