Iberico Bellota 100% Cured Ham Red Label



Bellota iberico 100 cured ham Red Label 2 is a cherry red meat full of flavour. It is slightly sweet and with a nutty aftertaste typical of pigs that forrage in the forests of Spain.

Nicolás y Valero pride themselves on offering their customers high-quality meat products, and have proudly supplied to a range of luxury restaurants and hotels across Spain and the UK. Some of these include Barrafina, Aros, Cambio De Tercio, and Tast a renowned Catalonian restaurant owned by football manager Pep Guardiola.


Cebo Iberico Acorn Fed Pig
Red Tractor - Farm Assured Standards
Spain-Guijuelo (Salamanca)
Traditional Artisan Spanish Ham Curing-Stays Fresh For 2 Years
Certified Iberian Acorn Quality
Thiamine, Zinc, B12, B6, Niacin, Phosphorus, Iron, Selenium

Nicolas Y Valero

Founded in 1987, Nicolás y Valero have long been experts in the food and meat industry. With a particular focus upon supplying their customers with top-quality meat products, this award-winning Spanish company prides themselves on providing some of the UK and Spain’s most highly-regarded restaurants and hotels.

All employees at Nicolás y Valero work with dedication and determination, ensuring that customer satisfaction is always adhered to. The trust placed upon this company by its long-standing clients is considered fundamental in any campaigns or projects that staff may carry out. Nicolás y Valero are constantly striving for innovation within their field, always ensuring that their product quality is of the highest level. Primarily, Nicolás y Valero work with meat products, including Iberian pork products, duck derivatives, sausages, and smoked meats; they also offer a range of dairy products

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