5 A Day Noodles



Sticky teriyaki noodle sauce which has been lightly spiced, is used to coat soft udon noodles, soy mushrooms & lots of fresh vegetables. Ruby finishes it off with sesame seeds, a handful of fresh coriander and some roasted cashew nuts. This is the perfect way to get your 5 a day in, packed with natural goodness, protein and fiber.

We only use top ingredients purchased from trusted suppliers, there are No Additives or E Nos. We prepare every single one of our dishes from scratch, and then pop them straight into the freezer to lock in the goodness of the ingredients, the natural way.


 Oven cook – 40-45 mins

 Microwave cook – 8 mins

*Please see back of pack for full instructions*

*Best cooked from frozen*


See Below-Dairy Free, Vegan, Vegetarian
350g Suitable For 1 Person
Women's Health Food Awards Winner 2018
Wheat, Soy, Soya Beans, Gluten, Nuts, Sesame Seeds

By Ruby

It all started when Ruby, who trained at the famous cookery school Leith’s is our founder. Ruby met Milly, her creative co-founder, while working as Head Chef at Finns in Chelsea London. Over the years they chatted to customers and nattered about their own lives, which made them realise that you just don’t always have the energy to cook from scratch, but you still like to eat seriously good, nutritious food.

Ruby and Milly can up with the idea that on the days where cooking from scratch was no an option, you could just open your freezer and discover a library of carefully-prepared meals waiting for you to heat up in a jiffy! They decided on people’s freezers and not their fridges? Because the freezer would immediately lock in the incredible flavours and nutritional goodness of each dish, which reduces food waste by keeping food ‘fresh’ for up to six months. Using top ingredients from trusted suppliers they’d worked with in the past, Ruby and Milly started creating and tweaking recipes to create wholesome, all-natural dishes that tasted just as delicious when cooked from frozen. Today Ruby is still the creator of all the recipes, cooking everything from the kitchen in west London. You won’t find any unnecessary fat, salt or sugar in their delicious dishes, they want to make balanced meals that are naturally good for you. These are the sorts of dishes Ruby & Milly cook for their friends and family – And now they are cooking them for you.

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By Ruby


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