Why Order Our Outside Reared British Pork?


  • All pork cuts are from outside-reared animals, with our Hampshire pig meat hailing from Old English pig breeds. The pork from our Pure Red Duroc breed is well marbled and deliciously lean
  • All our pork has been sourced from British farmers
  • We care about the flavour and provenance of our ingredients, ensuring you’re supplied with the best that Britain has to offer


  • Top British Chef Spencer Westcott works with our butchers to ensure we only supply the same quality as the restaurants receive
  • Select from a wide range of meats including Himalayan salt dry aged British Beef
  • All cuts are hand-prepared by our traditional butchers. We offer traditional favourites as well as more unique cuts of meat


  • Free nationwide delivery on orders over £70.00. We deliver Saturday & Sunday
  • No subscription, we have a vast selection of the finest meat and poultry. We are your local butcher, buy when you want
  • All meat is shipped in cooled packaging so it’s fresh on arrival, no meat is frozen, so you can freeze it if you want
The Artisan Food Hall
The Artisan Food Hall