About Us

It’s our love of food and good ingredients which has been behind the creation of The Artisan Food Company. The team have all travelled around the world and eaten great local food. When you visit countries and you eat with the local people, in their homes and small authentic restaurants you get to discover the real food from the country and the region.

How many times have we all visited a country and said to ourselves “how I wish we could buy this back home”? Big supermarkets and food importers have tried to increase the selection, but it’s never the real thing, it’s nearly always a watered-down version.

We decided that it should not only be Michelin Star restaurants and hotels that can get the finest quality luxury food products, individuals should also have access to individual & delicious food which they can eat at home.

Fruit &
Farm Fresh

From our New Covent Garden Fruit Market base, we bring you fresh every day, a large selection of the highest quality Fruit & Vegetables from the normal to the exotic.

Meat &
Farm Reared

A large selection of the finest meat & poultry from local farms around the UK, which is expertly prepared by Master Artisan Butchers and delivered direct to your door.

Fish &
Sustainably Fished

A Selection of the freshest fish from Billingsgate and other wholesale markets which is then prepared by traditional skilled fishmongers ready for you to cook at home.

Hot from The Oven

Freshly baked bread and bakery products, all baked by Master Bakers only for London’s top hotels and restaurant, now available to you at home.

Wines &
The Finest Provenance

A vast selection of the world’s finest wines, an unparalleled selection of fine wines which can purchased as single bottles or in Mixed boxes delivered direct to you at wholesale prices.

From Around the World

A large selection of cheeses, meats and delicatessen delicacies that only go to Michelin Star restaurants and hotels can now be delivered directly to you.

Artisan Food
All Handmade

We also carefully select artisan food producers in each country and region, and we invite them to open their store and “They” sell their products on The Artisan Food Company, they showcase their food, their families food from past generations and allow people around the world to be able to get delivered to their door, the real thing, a special cheese, a local cake, all beautiful artisan produced foods.

Order &
Direct to Your Door

All orders are placed on the Artisan Food Company platform, we then arrange the delivery direct to you, whether its coming from our hub in New Covent Garden, Billingsgate Fish Market or an Artisan food producer in Italy we arrange it all. See delivery & shipping information. Deliveries from all Artisan food producers are made separately.